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Beautiful Bodies After 40

My Weight Loss Journey

April 11, 2019

Hi guys, thanks for joining me on my first blog entry about my weight loss journey and the introduction to my YouTube channel also entitled Beautiful Bodies After 40.  I am super excited to begin this journey and even more excited that you will be joining me. On both my YouTube channel and here I will be sharing weight loss tips and information on how what I do has been beneficial to me during this lifestyle transition.  I am going to be using three products in addition to the laser lipo to assist me in achieving my goal weight.  These 3 products are the absolute best and it is what works for me. Everybody is different and, should you choose to use thes products, your results may vary from mine.  The name of these products are KetoCoffee, ThermoFightX and The Advanced Formula Fat Fighter.  Stay tuned forthe next blog for more information on these products and where you can get them.

Weight Loss Journey

April 17, 2019

Hi Guys. Well I am halfway through week 1 of my journey and I must say I feel pretty good. I have been using 3 of the It Works products to assist me in ahieving my weight loss goals.  In the morning, I dring the Keto Coffee.  This assists in curving your appetite.  Honestly, I thought I would be hungry and have that hunger headache that usually comes with dieting but I didn't. The ThermoX is an excellent choice as well. I am not dragging and feeing like I just cant go on.  Lastly, the Fat Burners . Now this is a must have.  Not to say that it is ok to just eat everything  but, should you happen to eat something that you know you shouldn't these babies will help you eliminate that fat.  In fact, your body won.'t even absorb it.  These are just a few of the products that I use to assist me  on my journey to a more healthier life style.  If you are begining your journey or have already began I to say definitely get these products.  I am a firm believer of promoting what I use and they do work.  If you are interested in trying these 3 products or other IT Works products, reach out to use.  We are here to help you be great!! Until next time keep pushing , keep achieving and keep striving to be the healthiest you!!

Week 2 Weighloss Journey

April 24, 2019

Hey guys!! I am back for my midweek report.  I am down 5 lbs and feeling very confident in progress.  My goal is to loose 1 lb/day so I am a few lbs off but I will get there.  I drink water all day long and this is the best thing that I could have done for myself.  Besides from going to the restroom numerous times my body is well hydrated and my skin looks so much better.  I walk everyday for 30+ minutes to get my heart rate up which is what helps to burn those unwanted calories.  I am on a 1500 calorie count diet and it is hard for me to eat that.  With the suplements that I mentioned in my last post I am able to curve my appetite and stay within my calorie count.  I am so happy that I decided to change my lifestyle and become a better healthier me.  I hope my sharing my journey encourages you to do the same.  Until next time be blessed and start your journey to creating a beautiful body effortlessly.

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